Why you should allow us self-publish your books on Amazon

We want to use this post to show you 10 reasons why you should allow us to self-publish your books for you on the Amazon and the Global Distribution stores:

  1. We have been in this business for over 12 years.
  2. Our CEO has written and self-published over 30 books on these platforms with great book sales reports to show. Read more information here
  3. We have also helped lots of people to put their on these stores.
  4. We understand what makes books to sell on Amazon. This is the reason why we did the online course, How I Sell on Amazon at udemy.com.
  5. We will give you suggestions of good and sellable titles and subtitles for your book. Selling your books start with giving them good and sellable titles
  6. We choose good and well researched keywords for your books. We use these keywords while Publishing your books on these platforms. Visitors to those stores use these keywords to search for books they can buy on those stores. If you don’t get this right, your book will only be gathering dust on those stores.
  7. We help to craft out a good and keywords-rixh description for your book. The link to your book bring people to the sales page, your book description should be able to convince them to buy.
  8. We design an eye-catching cover for your book. The cover is what the potential customer first see before they check out what your book is all about.
  9. We give you good marketing ideas that you can use to sell more books on these stores. These are ideas that has taken us over ten years to put together. We use them for our own books too. We also carry out consistent researches to update these ideas.
  10. We show you how to receive your royalty in Nigeria. Of course, after working so hard, you need to receive your royalty. We show you how to receive it in Nigeria without stress.

I hope you love those reasons why you should allow us help you to self-publish your books on Amazon and the Global Distribution stores.

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