This page contains information about your books sales and royalty information


  • After you published your book and it is approved, your book will appear automatically on the NowNowBooks online store.
  • NowNowBooks will then begin the publication of your book on Amazon and Global Distribution if you picked thee options while publishing your book.
  • You will receive an email when your book is published on the Amazon and the Global Distribution stores with links to your books on these stores and the library. You will also be able to see this information in your Dashboard.
  • If there are issues with these global stores, we will also send an email to you to carry the necessary edit or correct any problem.
  • You can always track your sales reports when you login into your account at Sales and payment report


Royalty Payment

  • For sales on the NowNowBooks store, royalty is 70% of list price
  •  For sales on Global distribution, your book published on major stores and libraries all over the world. Royalty is 25% of list price
  •  For sales on Amazon distribution, your book published on all Amazon stores worldwide. Royalty is30% of list price if list price is between $2.99 and $9.99. It is 10% on any price outside this region.
  • We update information about your sales and royalty immediately when they come from the NowNowBooks store.
  • We update information about sales and royalty from Global Distribution once per month (15th of every month).
  • We update information about sales and royalty from Amazon Distribution on a daily basis as we receive sales updates.
  • We release royalty to authors on the 7th of every month (N1000)
  • All payments or royalty from Global and Amazon distribution are done in Naira (including that of NowNowBooks store). Note: Consideration is given strictly to the present exchange rate when we receive the royalty from these stores.

Note: Most stores online release the payment for books sold on their platforms two months after it’s sold. This is to give allowance for refunds or any issues or complaints from the customer. We will always do the necessary conversion into Naira at the point of receiving payment from these stores and your Sales and payment page in your account is updated accordingly. Your royalty is released to you on the 7th of every month with a minimum threshold N1000.