You can find on this page the basic requirements for you to get your book published and approved for distribution on NowNowBooks.

Formatting your Books

You will need to get your book formatted appropriately if you want it to be approved immediately for publication. It’s very simple to do and we have a simple step by step description of how to do this here at format your book appropriately. You should note that you don’t need to go through this step for your book to be published on the NowNowBooks store. You only need to submit the final manuscript of your book in Word or PDF format.

Cover Design

You will submit your book cover in JPG format. Recommended: 1400 px width by 2400 px height. Must contain book title as entered under Book Title above. You can use services like canva to design a beautiful cover free of charge. We can design a great cover for you at just N3000 per one.

Prohibited List

The following books will not be approved for publication and distribution on our platform:

  • Books on gambling
  • Books on pornography
  • Books that preach extreme and violent religion
  • Books that teach unproven ‘get-rich-quick schemes
  • Other books that our editorial team will deem not qualified to be published on the platform