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NowNowBooks Publishing helps authors to self-publish and sell their books locally and on major stores and libraries online. NowNowBooks Publishing wants to help Nigerian and African authors have their works distributed across the globe and also to make it convenient for them to receive their income or royalties in local currency. All these at no upfront cost!

We understand how tough it is for authors to get their books published and distributed locally and worldwide. We also understand how tough it is for authors to sell and receive royalties from their books sold worldwide in local currency. We have put in place a system to make things easier and convenient.

Publish your first book today.

Remember that NowNowBooks is poised to become the biggest online publishing platform and bookstore in Nigeria soon.  We want you to register and get your first book published and see how we take it up from there.

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About Zarepath Publishing

Nigeria's online bookstore

Zarepath Publishing exists to publish soul-lifting, problems-solving books, and information products that will add value to the people and society. Zarepath Publishing is God’s chosen platform to provide quality publications that will make our society a better place and also give glory to God. Zarepath Publishing is God’s chosen destination platform to act as a solution to the diverse problems of the people and society.

NowNowBooks.com.ng, Nigeria’s no 1 online bookstore, is one of the subsidiaries of Zarepath Publishing.